5 Seconds of Summer Performs “She Looks So Perfect”



luke hemmings would be the boyfriend to try re-create meme faces to cheer you up when you’re sad


Sirius XM - July 22nd


Caspar Lee talking about Ashton +


Lets just take a moment to appreciate Ashton’s muscles





verycalsaid: you're so cute oh mygod. lol anyway, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you first saw 5sos in person

omg ty ty :* xxxx

this is so badi was worrying about how much i smelt

bc i had been at school all day and when they first called us down to meet ash i hadn’t had the chance to get changed or put on deodorant or anything i was so embarassed and then when the others came out i was just flippin shit a lil bit

but not over them

bc i had just fallen over and gotten my shoes dirty and my ankle hurt


fuck that was long im so sorry 

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hop on it 

pinup-calsaid: Ummm would you rather yourself go bald or all of 5sos go bald?? And I filled out the survey what's it for??

fuck neither of them holy shit

ty ty -  its for this super big assignment that i have to do that goes for like a whole year and you basically make up the assignment bc you make up your own inquiry question (im doing what effects does music have on a person’s emotions) and come up with your own end product and its just a fuckload of work rlly

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popcorn-cliffordsaid: (I did the survey thingy hehe) uh wyr spend the day at the beach with cashton or movies with muke?:3

beach beach beach

bc beach means its summer 

and summer means rowing

and rowing means that i can eat a lot of ice cream and not feel bad about it

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lukehennimgssaid: What is your favourite thing to do when you have free time ( i did the Survey aswell) :)x

welllllllllllllllllllllllll idk

in winter if im not with people im sleeping

and if im not sleeping im with people

and in summer all i do is row so i actually really dont get much free time lolza

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kickasscalsaid: Would u go to a concert of a mediocre band to see the boys as the supporting act? + I did the survey

it really depends who the other act is tbh if i have a vague interest in them i would but if i have no idea who they are or i don’t like them i wouldn’t bother paying (and my parents would refuse to buy the tickets anyway lol

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lumoslucassaid: Hii if you could choose what color would you dye Michael's hair next? :) and you're so pretty I ship you with Calum :) aaaand I filled your survey xx

tbh i feel like i want him to go back to dark or the dark with blonde (the one this year, i know you know the one)

thaaaaankyou :** xo

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sexualmukesaid: hiiiii I did that survey thing hahah (such procrastination I go back to school tomorrow and have done nothing) but I ship you with Ashton ayyyyy lmao

thanks so much man :))) (ive been at school for the past 7 weeks and i have 2 and a half more before holidays im ready to rip my eyes out)

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Anonymoussaid: y haven't you done the ships yet?

well i said last night that i had to go to bed bc i had rowing in da morning and i literally only just got back from school and im super stressed out so gimme a few minutes and ill do them :)))))))